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Close This Chapter With Compass Home Buyers

Moving can be a lot of things: exciting, scary, sad, stressful, and… unexpected! If you’re facing relocation that you didn’t plan for, the to-do list can grow really long, really quickly. On top of managing your daily life, you have to pack, arrange for a moving truck service or trailer rental, emotionally prepare, and maybe even host a garage sale or two. If you have a family to move, that brings along even more complications. Our goal at Compass Home Buyers is to make selling your house an easy process so you can move as fast as you need to.

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Moving Is Hard — Selling Your House Doesn’t Have To Be

Moving can be a choice, but often, it is a task brought about by other necessary life changes. Whether you have an unexpected move coming up or are contemplating an off-the-cuff relocation, Compass Home Buyers can pay cash for homes if you’re moving in order to:

  • Start a new job
  • Provide caregiving for a loved one
  • Be closer to family
  • Get a fresh start
  • Facilitate a relationship change

Moving To Start A New Job Or Job Transfer

Job opportunities can be difficult to find, meaning you may need to jump at the chance for a new career or position. If your new job or job transfer will take you to a different state or increase your commute to an impractical distance, you may find yourself needing to move — fast! Compass Home Buyers can help when selling a house the traditional way just isn’t quick enough. We’ll pay cash for your home and close in as few as five business days. If you have other properties to sell before you relocate, we can handle that, too!

Tell us about your home to begin the process of selling to us. You won’t even need to clean before we buy your house! Existing repair needs aren’t a problem, either. Contact us if you have any questions about our process and how we can help you make the most of your unexpected move.

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Moving Away To Care For A Loved One

If you have a relative or a loved one in another town or state who is in need of in-home care, you may decide that taking that care into your own hands is the best option. In the case of moving to provide care, you most likely will need to get things rolling sooner rather than later. If you need to sell your Tampa area house fast in order to move in with or closer to your loved one, Compass Home Buyers can close on your home in as few as five business days. We will provide you with a fair cash offer that, once accepted, you can use toward relocation or even the care of your loved one.

We’re a family-owned business that understands how important it is to care for our loved ones, and we will extend that care to you in every step of the process.If you’re ready to sell your house, contact Compass Home Buyers today for a quick, no-obligation offer.

Relocating To Be Closer To Or Live With Family

Sometimes coming back home is a beneficial phase we need to enter, regardless of age. If you’ve gone off to college in the Tampa Bay area and graduated without career prospects, you may need to cut the housing expenses and move back in with your parents for additional support. If your children have long left the nest and are establishing families of their own, perhaps you’d like to move closer to them to grow the relationship and be involved with your grandkids. If your parents are getting along in years, even if they’re not in need of care, you may want to relocate in order to help them out with certain tasks and ensure they have someone to rely on if necessary.

If any of these options sound like your current situation, you are also probably dealing with the challenge of selling your house. Compass Home Buyers can help! We buy any house in any condition so you can move closer to the ones you love. There is no need to pay real estate agent fees, wait for your listing to gain traction, or dance around a crazy schedule of showings and open houses. Get started today with a simple online form!

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Start Fresh And Get Cash For Your Home

Feeling adventurous and craving a change of scenery? Does the Tampa Bay area no longer suit you? Perhaps you’ve already packed most of your things and spent hours looking online at houses or apartments in a city you’d like to move to, but you’re left with one hangup in your plan: “I need to sell my house!”

At Compass Home Buyers, we know that Tampa Bay isn’t for everyone. We’re happy to provide a service that gives you the freedom to move on to new things without the burden of selling your current house. With zero cleaning or repairs on your hands, you can get going as soon as possible. Tell us about your house today, and don’t forget to send us a postcard from your new place!

Move In With Your Partner Or Relocating After Separation

Not every choice is perfect, and the path to success is often filled with mistakes. If less-than-ideal financial choices have left you in a position in which you are unable to afford your mortgage, you can change that going forward. If cutting back or living on a new budget won’t allow you to recover financial stability quickly enough, contact Compass Home Buyers. We can pay cash for your home fast, so you can get back on track.

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We Buy Any House, So You Can Move Anywhere!

Whatever the reason you’re leaving the Tampa Bay area, Compass Home Buyers can facilitate the quick sale of your home and close in as few as five days. Leave the paperwork, repairs, and cleaning to us — your only responsibility is accepting our no-obligation cash offer. We hope that wherever you go, you can get there smoothly thanks to our services. While you may be waving goodbye to Tampa, you’ll always be our neighbor.


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