Q: What type of properties do you buy?

A: The short answer is all properties! We will consider any property, in any condition.

Q: How do you determine how much to offer?

A: We take into account the size, condition, and location of your property, and then consider what repairs may be required. We also consider the local (neighborhood) market data to help arrive at a fair offer.

Q: Once I receive an offer, am I obligated to sell my property to you?

A: No. An offer is exactly that – just an offer. You’ll have time to review our offer and then you get to decide if you want to sell your property to us.

Q: Does it cost ANYTHING to sell my property to you?

A: No. Our offer includes all fees*, including the closing costs typically incurred by a seller.

Q: What if I owe more than my home is worth, am behind on my mortgage payment, or am in foreclosure?

A: We have extensive knowledge and experience purchasing homes that are in “distressed” situations, such as foreclosure. While every situation is unique, we can meet with you and help you realize all of your options to get out from under your mortgage.

Q: What if I have a tenant in my property?

A: We will still consider purchasing your property, subject to the terms of the lease.

Q: Do I need to clean my home before I leave?

A: No. We will purchase your home in its current condition. Let us do the cleaning and take the weight off your shoulders!

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